Oct 22, 2016

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Cheating Girl Gets Dumped By Boyfriend’s Prank

This guy spent three whole weeks trying to figure out how he was going to dump his girlfriend who was cheating on him. So just what will three weeks of plotting actually get you? It is likely the most elaborate and dramatic dumping ever.

A guy tricked his now ex-girlfriend into believing that he was going to propose marriage to her. Now from her view, it may have seemed very romantic. There was a trail of candles that lit up the stairs and a long love letter, as well as a trip to the Northern Lights. And at last, there was the big reveal.

If he was actually proposing, though, it seems as if he would have been doing it the right way. She appeared to be visibly moved by the efforts that he had seemingly put in.

The only real clue she might have picked up on was the song by Roxette playing in the background. The lyrics of the song declare it must have been love, but it is over now.

It is definitely over now, and as of the time of this writing, over 1.5 million people have witnessed her being dumped on YouTube. Yikes!

She got even though by terminating his Alabama auto insurance policy without telling him about it and the cost to get it reinstated made the embarrassment she endured worth it.


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Oct 22, 2016

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Pokeman and Crime Going Hand and Hand

Recently, a late-night episode of some Pokmon action quickly turned into an awkward situation with some local law enforcement.

When SlothOfDoom could not go to sleep no matter how many sheep he counted, he decided to play Pokmon Go so he set out on a walk to a park to visit some stops.

It was then that he ended up running into two guys that appeared creepy at first, and then they turned out to be Pokmon trainers. The two tipped him off about where he could find an Onyx. The new acquaintances then convinced SlothOfDoom to be a part of the red team so that they could then take hold of their neighborhood.

Apparently, however, the sight of all this stuff going on appeared to be a somewhat shifty, and an officer then showed up. They explained the situation.


It seems like Pokmon Go and crime just might go hand in hand. There have now been several cases of robberies connected to this game.

We are still waiting for comments from Officer Jenny.

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